I have one Kali Ip-6 v2 studio monitor and I want to listen music on it, no mixing anything. How do I connect it to my laptop? I have try plug a 1/8 trs to 1/4 trs to the studio monitor with my laptop but I only heard little bit bass, distortion and little to no vocal when I play music on it.

I'm not sure is the problem of cable that im using, or I need 1/8 trs to XLR instead?Or maybe 1/8 trs to dual XLR ?

My studio monitor have a balanced XLR, TRS and unbalanced RCA

Thanks in advance

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  • This isn't really sound design, it's 'how can I kludge a stereo headset socket into a -10 unbalanced input without blowing something?'. First, find what pinout your headset socket uses, CTIA or OMTP; then bridge the 2 +ve pins to an RCA; turn both monitor & laptop right down & gradually increase your send until it distorts, then back it off a bit.
    – Tetsujin


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