I need to record audio out of a Bose S1 Pro using a Olympus WS-853 audio recorder. I made the assumption I can just use a 1/4 to 3/8 adapter to hook up the line out from the Bose S1 Pro to my audio recorder, but this site literally says that won't work (at the bottom of the page).

This looks like a cable that the site says should work, however, the bolded part just confused me:

"If the recording device has a single stereo minijack input you will need to convert to S1 Pro System balanced mono output to an unbalanced signal. ".

Also on the cable site, it says the 3.5mm is the input, whereas I will be using the 1/4" as the input, will this be a problem?

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Make a cable. Two conductors required.

  • Join 1/4" Tip to 3.5mm Tip to 3.5mm Ring
  • Join 1/4" Ring to 1/4" Sleeve to 3.5mm Sleeve

Done. This will give you mono output from the Bose to dual mono input on the Olympus.

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