I am going to record a live show (two acoustic guitars and a voice, small appartment, little to no spectators) and was wondering if my setup for recording this would be good for this. I have a zoom H5, an AT2020, a sure beta58, and can borrow a pair of my friend's

  • Beyerdynamics MCE 94 (cardioid condenser i believe) or
  • Sennheiser ME64 (cardioid) or ME62 (omni)

I was thinking of having: Everything plugged in to the Zoom H5, with the xy capsule recording the room so i can adjust room level in mix, Either the beyer or senn mics for each guitar and the at2020 for the vocals

What do you think of this setup and what mic do you reccomend for the guitars ? Thank you all in advance


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I recommend taking the whole lot down the day before, taking your time, & seeing which works best. You really can't just walk into a room you don't know [sonically] with a whole slew of gear you've never used before & hope to get it right in half an hour. You'll be panicking & accepting half-measures just so you can get on with the gig. Not a good way to start.

'Small apartment' sounds like it's going to be a potentially horrible acoustic, so cardioids might be best bet.
You may not want any 'room' in it at all.
Also consider what rugs, curtains, towels etc your location has to try damp out the worst of the acoustics.

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