I make a lot of instructional videos about assembling certain parts and cleaning industrial parts. Normally we don't really use any voice overs in the videos and explain the process visually or with text and graphics added. Usually, I try to find a soundtrack somewhere on the internet or from existing artist that I can use.

But I find it a struggle sometimes. And I am thinking trying of creating my own soundtrack templates that I can use for these videos using Cakewalk. Does anybody know where I could find some information or some basic process, on how to stylize soundtracks for these specific types of videos. Just to make like general quick soundtrack templates using sounds. (I already have an basic understanding of music theory)

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  • I think this question is just too broad - it boils down to "how do I learn to write music to picture"… plus the actual writing & recording bit. You're looking at a 10-year learning curve, at least. You need to learn 3 or 4 entire skillsets - playing, writing, recording, engineering. I'd just buy library music. Stealing other people's work is generally frowned on by the industry professionals you are asking the advice of here.
    – Tetsujin
    Oct 14 at 17:12
  • What I am looking for is something more basic like building the foundation of the track or composition wise. Maybe something in the general sense for example: usually certain types of genres of music use a specific type of instruments, melodies, and sounds. So, I was wondering is there something similar in the same sense in a minimalistic way to lay that same basic foundation for picture, or in my case industrial instructional videos from where I can start?
    – Blendmoth
    Oct 15 at 1:36

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