PS I know nothing from audio setups and have always been guided by a professional. I am posting this here as I cannot find the answer on the internet and it is bound to help someone else too.

Long story situation short: I am a streamer and I have a GO-XLR. For recording purposes I would like to split all Audio into separate tracks so when I am going to edit my footage I can individually lower or gain audio on what is happening. I figure that splitting my game audio by running a split from the gaming computer into the GO-XLR (USB in Streaming computer) and the Line-In of the streaming computer gives me the opportunity to separately put the game audio in my recording. What is the best AUX splitter to have no quality loss + make everything grounded so it is not static. I already use the following cables: pro_snake_bjj_301 to eliminate noise but would like to find a splitter that causes as less delay and keeps as much quality as possible.

The long story: To achieve this I have the following setup: Image of GO-XLR routing table showing all sound goes to the broadcast mix and showing all separate inputs: Mic, Chat, Music, Game, Console, Line In, System and Samples

My stream works fine, my recording works fine, HOWEVER I cannot see the Line in of the GO-XLR in Windows itself: Screenshot of Windows Sound Control Panel showing a Line in of the motherboard but not the Line in of the GO-XLR

This makes me believe that the Line-In of the GO-XLR is only usable in the GO-XLR app and is not viewable in windows, and the only reason it exists is to route that to the broadcast mix but have control on the physical switches of the GO-XLR on how loud it is.

Therefore I want to separate the in game audio with a splitter in which one goes to the GO-XLR like normal but the other one goes to the Line-In of the motherboard.

This would mean for my stream I will just use the broadcast stream mix but for my recording I will use the line-in of windows itself in which I will later decrease game audio volume in post processing.

The actual question: What is the best aux splitter to go from 1 input to 2 outputs that causes as less delay as possible and keeps as much of the original quality as possible? I am already using the following cable to reduce static noise you find on normal AUX cables: pro_snake_bjj_301 Pro snake BJJ 301 - picture - noise reduction on AUX cable - perfect for in car radio or console or PC static noise remover.

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    Oct 21 at 13:13

I think that what I am looking for is this: Cordial CFY 0.3 WYY 3.5 mm Stereo male to 2x 3.5 mm stereo female

And then I just have to buy another pro_snake_bjj_301 because now I need to connect an extra cable.

So the Cordial CFY 0.3 WYY will do the splitting and the pro_snake_bjj_301 will take away the static noise (if any present).

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