Suppose I have nine sets of stereo speakers spread around the room, each connected to the other in the set, as indicated in the diagram:

Speakers laid out around a room, in pairs with one of each pair on either side of the room, with each pair connected up with each other

(assuming each of the speakers is an identical model)

Assuming I know the geometric positions of each of the speakers in the room, but the layout is fixed and not compliant with any surround standard (e.g. 17.2), is it possible to achieve playback through a Windows device onto each of the speakers? I would need to somehow interpolate between surround points based on the physical locations, but I am unfamiliar with any software/hardware required to do so. Furthermore, each set of speakers only has one AUX cable, so it would need to be provided with instructions for left/right relative to its position in the room:

as above, except with one wire going to each interconnected pair of speakers

E.g. in the above diagram, the top row of speakers would need to receive an AUX signal where the left channel actually represents the front-left of the interpolated surround sound, and the right channel is the front-right.

So far, I don't know any software up to the task, nor even a way to connect nine AUX inputs up to my computer. Any suggestions how this could be done?


Let's just call this impractical at best.
You are not going to do this with an unmodified home computer or on a shoestring budget. You need capable hardware & software.

If you don't start with 18-channel output hardware [not cheap] you have zero chance. Hardware tends to be 16 or 32-channel, so for 32 perhaps this RME may be in your budget, at a mere 3 grand ;)
Once you do, then you also need 18-channels of audio - you can't split stereo or 'pre-recorded' 5.1 into more channels in any sensible manner.

If you're creating a soundtrack from scratch & have the above-mentioned hardware, then all you need is a DAW capable of that many output busses. I'd recommend Nuendo… another £850.

I'd forget it ;)

  • Thanks for your response. I should note, this is purely theoretical! Of course, this sort of setup would be overcomplicated and, as you mention, wildly cumbersome and impractical. But it's interesting to learn how something like this could be done. :) Aug 27 at 12:03

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