This question is largely related to Linux/computer processing audio inputs and outputs.

I am currently using PyAudio to read from Microphone and livestream the audio data to the Internet, using https://people.csail.mit.edu/hubert/pyaudio/#record-example.

Also I could use Line-In port on my Linux box to play audio from another box as follow:

[Linux Box 1 plays audio ][Headphones Out port] ----> [Line-In port][Linux Box 2][Headphones Out plays audio]

This is done using PulseAudio module-loopback in: https://askubuntu.com/a/267347.

Question 1: How do I re-route the data stream from Linux Box 2's Line-In port to its Microphone port instead, so that my Pyaudio program could read ?

Question 2: If that is not possible, is there anyway I could route the PulseAudio Ouput Sink on my Linux Box 2 to the network and broadcast ?


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