In church settings we often use multiple tracks of sounds and midi, which includes click, guide, loops, and other instruments. Usually, these tracks are sent through Dante interface to the mixing console, so each track could be mixed and routed individually. Currently though, we do not have the resources (nor the ability to make the decision) to get Dante, a DAW, and a laptop powerful enough to play the tracks.

What I have been doing for the past years is to mix a stereo mp3 with click and guide panned 100% to the left and the rest 100% to the right, using Audacity. Any laptop/phone could play the track through 3.5mm jack, converted to 2 balanced output as separate input to mixing console. Route the click track to in ear monitors and mute them on FOH speakers. This is fine for on site purposes, but it's quite bad in streaming/recording.

What i need right now is to send at least 3 separate tracks from a laptop, 1 for click and guide and 2 for stereo output. So then can I achieve this using any 5.1 surround usb soundcard, since 5.1 technically have 6 outputs including sub? Can i mix each of 3 tracks into separate outputs, e.g. click track only on center, stereo left on FL, and stereo right on FR?

  • Additional question: how can I mix 5.1 audio track? Preferably in a similar fashion to when I mix stereo track using Audacity – aeowlian May 17 at 17:53

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