My goal is to record a variety of guitars to build up multi-tracked richly layered clean, undistorted tones into something that's almost piano-like with minimal effects and embellishments. Right now my main tools are a Les Paul and a Telecaster.

I've been curious about baritone guitars for a while, and this one caught my eye:


My question is, would I be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? This thing is obviously designed for crazy growling distorted tones, and that couldn't be further from what I want. What sort of things might prevent this guitar from doing what I want it to do?

I assume the pickup specs are the main thing to focus on ... the neck is 12.5k ohms and the bridge is 16.5k ohms. From what I understand, hotter pickups flatten out the tone ... but I'm not sure what exactly the ramifications of that would be. Could I reclaim some of the dynamics by adjusting the height of the pickup, or just turning the volume knob down a bit?

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