I got this UMC22 thats Ive been trying to get it to work with my guitar and Apmlitube for a month . Even with no input, it still making the static/white noise sound, when i crank up the gain from the plug-in line/instruntment the static noise get louder, but doesnt go away when i turn it down. Is this a grounding related issues, or just some problem with my gear

P/S: Im using the BEHRINGER_2902_X64_2.8.40 driver since ASIO4All didnt work I've try switching usb port

  • Sounds very much like a hardware issue - first thing to try is borrow someone else's UMC22. I'm not sure why the ASIO4ALL didn't work though - maybe it's that. – Rory Alsop Apr 20 at 7:47

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