I have done searches on the internet and not found answers to this specific of a question. I am not a sound mixer.. just a music lover. The feeling is very very uncomfortable. I’ve had to go inside on a nice day if certain unknowns construction or lawn mowing equipment is being used. I only am affected while listening to music with that certain unknown sound/ frequency. I remember distinctly a Trampled by Turtles album that I was really sad I couldn’t listen to years ago because it was doing that to my ears.. but seeing them live .. it doesn’t happen. As a matter of fact... I can’t recall ever needing to leave or get away from live music. The other day while watching Lord of the Rings.. there was a dramatic part and the same thing happened. Please help me figure this out. I’m hoping I can adjust equalizers and when I’m outside and hear that equipment..maybe noise canceling headphones play music that doesn’t do that will help. I’m going to try and keep a record of the songs that do this so we can investigate if need be. Thank you! - Hannah

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