The microphone and speaker on my iPhone 7 leave much to be desired. I'm using the iOS app Clubhouse, and I'm trying to accomplish better sound quality for both input and output.

The recommended solution seems to be to use an external hardware USB audio interface. After having done a bit of research, I'm still not sure what a USB audio interface exactly is. Would greatly appreciate if someone could clear that up for me :-)

Main question: would it be possible to use a MacBook Pro as a USB audio interface for iOS? If so: how? If not: why? What problem does an external USB audio interface solve that my MBP doesn't?

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    Not really sure this is 100% on topic, however the answer is no - a MacBook Pro isn't even close to an audio interfaces. Audio interfaces provide proper impedance matching and gain, at a low latency that a computer cannot manage.
    – Rory Alsop
    Apr 6 at 8:27

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