I want to use the Digicheck EBU R 128 meter to check that my material is -14 LUFS integrated (according to Spotify and Youtube specs). Thing is the target level of the Digicheck's meter is locked at -23 LUFS, which is displayed as 0 LU.

I want to target -14 LUFS integrated instead of -23 LUFS integrated, is that as simple as:


So the EBU meter (targeted at -23 LUFS) should read 9 LU, and that will equal -14 LUFS?

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0 LU is defined by the EBU as -23 LUFS (https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/tech3341.pdf) :

The scale used may either be an absolute scale, using the unit ‘LUFS’, or alternatively the zero point may be mapped to some other value, such as the target loudness level (as in ITU-R BS.1771). In the latter case the unit shall be ‘LU’, indicating a relative scale. For an ‘EBU Mode’ meter, the target loudness level shall be −23.0 LUFS = 0.0 LU (as defined in EBU R 128). The ‘EBU Mode’ meter shall offer both the relative and the absolute scale.

If the digicheck tools conforms to this EBU mode, yes, +9 LU equals -14 LUFS.

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