I am new to recording, I've started trying to record some of my guitar/vocals. I recently brought a mic but my budget was limited so it was only around 40£. Whenever i record with it there is a distracting hiss over anything i record, are there any ways i can eliminate this?

So far i have tried a basic noise gate, but when i am recording sound the hiss is still present over the guitar/vocals when i am creating enough sound to go over the noise gate. (a sample recording showing the problem can be found here https://homerecording.com/bbs/data/audio/78/78489-9a42e358d7e3384c972706fb276c47c3.mp3)

I am recording using a subzero dynamic mic with an XLR to USB connector straight into my macbook running garageband.

Cheers all.

  • What make & model of XLR to USB convertor are you using?
    – Graham Nye
    Mar 26 at 0:33

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