I have a Yamaha CP-33 Stage Piano and a Behringer RD-8 Drum machine which I'd like to connect to my Behringer Neutron Synthesizer. I want the notes from the piano and the clock from the drum machine.

The Neutron has a nice feature where the LFO can be matched to the MIDI clock. The CP-33 has a built-in metronome. It transmits MIDI clock even when the metronome is turned off. I've tried a few configurations:

CP-33 -> RD-8 -> Neutron This doesn't work because I need to use the input to the RD-8 for triggering drums from another controller. Also the RD-8 can use the incoming clock to override its internal clock, but this disables the transport button and tempo control on the RD-8

CP-33 and RD-8 into MIDI Solutions MIDI Merger, then into Neutron Because both are sending clock, the Neutron sees a fast clock which is the sum of the rates from the two controllers.

RD-8 into CP-33 into Neutron Same problems as the previous solution

CP-33 into Arduino with a MIDI daughter card to eliminate the clock, into MIDI Merger along with RD-8, then into Neutron In theory this should work, but I'm having trouble getting the firmware programmed.

There must be some hardware which will drop the clock, but I haven't found it. I am looking for a computer-free solution here.

  • Have you tried setting "Local" control to "Off"? - It's a shot in the dark but I can't find anything else in the manual that might work - You'd need to re-route the midi back into the CP33 to get it to play notes but, effectively you'd split it into a controller and a tone generator and that might get it to switch off the clock Sep 23 at 19:42

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