im an electronic music producer.I make music about 2 years, its mostly minimal techno and electronica type stuff.Recently im start to listening more and more experimental/ambient music.It seems like my all musical thoughts are changing; im more interested in sound and mixing than rhythms,melodies,harmonys.Its hard to describe,i want to make music like a painting or a book.I think sounds should tell a story rather than melodies, and when you put your headphones on it should feels like you start watch a aural movie.I want to post some music

.that this song,and this full album
. I think this pieces have very good sound designs.

What I want to ask how can I go deep with sound design techniques.When I started make music I didnt know what to study.When i learn what should I learn(mixing,arrangment,music,theory), then I find that I have to learn scales for example, or mid/side eq.Im at that phase again I don't know what should I learn for becoming original and good sound artist like the examples I gave.If you have any advice, book recommendation,simply any thought if you share with me im really appreciated, thanks for reading answering.

(English is not my native language sorry for if its hard to read or any mistakes.)

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