I am trying to record audio but even when the mic is muted the recording picks up white noise. It's not the mic because I've tried it with my headset mic and the same issue occurs. Not software either because it happens in both Audacity and OBS. I have an MSI B550-A Pro and I have the Realtek drivers installed.


Generally, computer sound cards are just not of sufficient quality for professional quality audio recording.

Matched to a high impedance mic on a headset for use on Zoom etc they're about OK, but if you have a low impedance mic, then the levels won't match properly & the noise floor will become more apparent.

I'd suggest a USB audio interface. Get one with phantom power in case you need it for a condenser mic either now or later on.

Google "USB audio interface" for a myriad suggestions, starting at around $£€ 30. Look at the big online music shops who will have a good selection & offer advice as to precisely what will suit your needs.

If you edit in your mic type/model/pictures etc then we could perhaps be more specific.

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