Im using waveagent to deal with metadata and on the originator section it is labeled as either Fostex FR2-LE (my recorder) or Pro Tools (my DAW). How do I make this say what I want like my name (ShaunKellyFX: category). Also the originator reference has a crazy name like xy7eu5thuji? How can I make this say something like 01, 02.....

On waveagent it says the originator info is generated when converting a standard WAV to a BWF when is this happening so I can name it properly?


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remetacator. does bulk as well


MetadataTouch can also do it.

MetadataTouch™ is a powerful tool to view and edit metadata in Microsoft Office® documents (Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®), OpenOffice™ documents, JPEG, JPEG 2000, AVI, MP3, MP4, F4V, WAV, AIFF, PNG, SVG, APE, MPC, OFR, WV, TAK, and XMP files.


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