I’ve been looking for a usb mixer to handle three mics, a line from an emulated amp output, an instrument level signal that could be processed by Logic presets, an analog synth, and an analog drum machine.

Both of the last two are mono outs. So, in my fried, end of 2020 brain I thought I had found a good, simple mixer to accommodate all of that. Got it home and immediately saw it wasn’t a usb mixer.

I was hoping to use it to replace my Scarlett Solo, but being tired and not really wanting to venture back out into the world right now, I could actually use the stereo outs (one of them) and run that into the Scarlett, correct?

Even panning things left and just using the left out would get signal to my DAW. I’d monitor there and do any panning in it. The only drawback would be the Scarlett as an extra gain stage, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious that would create problems.

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