What mathematical formula do video editors use when they create a final mix of audio tracks?

Suppose I have a mono track pcm_f32le and 2 stereo tracks pcm_f64le. How do they calculate the loudness of each track in the output file? I'd like to do the same in numpy.

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Simply multiply each sample with a factor and then sum it to get the output sample. In the example, if you want to create a new mono signal out:

out(t) = f1 x mono(t) + f2 x left(t) + f3 x right(t)

Where f1, f2 and f3 are the amplification factors, out(t) is output sample at time t.

The factors would typically be less than 1, so the calculations are probably best done using floating point numbers. If necessary there would be a last stage where out(t) is converted from float to whatever format you use on output.

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