I want to do a couple of things:

-I want to hear sound from all other programs through max, and max only. -I want to edit that sound in real time and hear only the edited sound. -I want to slow down the sound, while stacking the non-slowed, incoming input onto a buffer, which I can then speed through to catch up.

Is this possible in Max? I have had a lot of difficulty working even step 1. Even if I use my speakers as an input device, I am unable to monitor it let alone edit it. I am using Max for Live, for what it's worth.

I am open to alternative solutions.

  • What platform? The routing is easy on Mac, use Loopback. I've no idea for Win or nix. The slow-down buffer would probably be dependent on being able to do that in Max. No audio router would hold up the buffer for you, they're just real-time. – Tetsujin Nov 13 '20 at 9:38

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