I'm hoping to present this to you guys the best way possible to describe my intentions and the available equipment.

I have: Behringer X2222USB mixer PreSonus Quantum 2626 interface Blue Yeti Pro condenser mic 2 PCs

I want to do an activity on PC1(gaming, podcasting, etc.) and be recording/streaming on PC2. I got the Quantum for PC1 as sort of a sound card with a better and larger assortment of IO.

I want to use 1 mic across both PCs by connecting to the mixer with XLR connectors. I mix the mic to the main bus and connect the main outs to the Line In 3/4 (Line In 1/2 are instrument level for 1/4") of the interface to get to PC1. I am going to use the sub mix and connect it's outs to PC2 sound card. This gives me the ability to use the mixer features (equalizer, compressor, etc.) for both PCs.

What would you do in this situation? I do have other questions about this setup but I'm wanting to hear from people with more experience than me.

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