Many of the modern music programs support the functionality where one can see and correct his music pitch mistakes. For example, Auto-Tune. I didn't try it and don't know whether it has the functionality described below.

enter image description here

There are also few desktop programs with ear training and vocal lessons, which can analyse the correspondence of the voice and some prepared simple notes, such as EarMaster. I tried it, but it has very limited and inconvenient functionality. enter image description here

There also also several Android applications which have the necessary functionality, i.e. where one can import his MIDI tracks, listen the notes, sing along the notes and see visual feedback in realtime. For example Vocaberry. I tried Vocaberry on my Android phone, but it is not desktop.

enter image description here

I need a desktop software where I can:

  1. Import music notes as MIDI tracks (or music notes in some another popular format)
  2. See the notes in a convenient visual form
  3. Play the notes through headphones
  4. Sing to a microphone along with the notes played in headphones
  5. See visual feedback link on top of the notes layer
  6. Change pitch shifts and tempo of the notes

What Windows desktop software support the described functionality, and how I find the functionality in that software?

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