Hi I'm try to record keys on x32 via Logic Pro v10.4.8, and strange bug happened. When I record track, its recorded little forward, and after rec I need move track little back to match with metronome and other tracks.

  • do you mean there is latency or a delay? How much? – Rory Alsop Oct 13 at 12:07
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    So I solve this. It’s looks like latency compensation, because it place track forward. I open preferences in logic->audio just play staccato quarter notes and move slider and match latency compensation. Now it work well. Thanks for your attention. – Dmitriy Pushkarev Oct 14 at 21:22

I solve this. This is Recording Delay in preferences->Recording->Recording delay. That compensate to much latency. I just play stacatto quarter notes and match Recording delay to real delay.

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