I‘m trying to fix a broken XLR-1/4 combo input on an old Laney DB400H Bass Amp. I got a Neutrik NCJ6FiS to replace the old one (of which I don‘t know the make or S/N, which is part of the problem I guess).

I thought this might be easy enough, I‘ll unsolder the old input and solder the new one exactly as I found the old one, but it seems either I got the wrong XLR combo input or the pinning has changed (this is an old amp after all).

This is a picture of the old one (after unsoldering): enter image description here

And this is a picture of the new one: enter image description here

What confuses me is that on the old input, one wire (black) was soldered to pins 6 and X1. A white wire was soldered to pin 5, and an orange wire was soldered to pin X2. So it looked like this: enter image description here

I tried finding a pin out of the old input to understand the wiring and to replicate it on the new one, but I could not find anything. I suspect X1, X2 and X3 are the XLR pins 1 through 3, but I don't understand why the three other pins (1, 5, 6), which I suppose should be TRS of the jack input, are named this way, or why pins 6 and X1 are bridged.

I read that you bridge the XLR and the jack pins when you want to use both XLR and jack depending on the situation, but why are only two pins bridged in my case? It also just occurred to me while posting this question that the PCB that I unsoldered also connects some of the pins, so they might have connected the different pins like that?

I want to use the amp with jack input mainly to play my bass with it, so I don't really mind if the XLR input should not be working, but while I'm at it I might as well do it right.

Basically, my question is: Given the wiring of the old XLR combo input, how do I need to solder my three available cables to the new XLR combo input? Which pins on the old input correspond to the pins on the new input?

Thank you very much in advance!

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