I just got a new mixer (Depusheng U6) and I'm running on Windows 10 (up to date). Mixer is only being used for podcasting / streaming. I had an Alesis before that started acting up (constant noise in recordings not heard in headphones).

I can hear a slight delay between my physical voice and what's picked up by the mixer. Enough where it's noticeable. Note, the mixer passes audio via USB (2.0 I believe). Also, when I plug my pc into the provided left/right channels I get a constant hiss that's picked up in the recordings. The plug is a standard headphone jack found on all laptops. I've plugged the audio into my external speakers (same headphone jack type) and get the same hiss. I've tried different cables and get the same result.

Update: I tested audio input from a macbook air's audio jack, no hiss. Seems to be just my laptop. Anyway to stop or reduce this? Maybe I need an additional device/filter inline?

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