I will start out by saying that I have no experience in sound design and am not sure how complicated it is what I want. Essentially, I want to find out what the structure of a sound is (i.e., how it has been originally synthesized) and then re-create the exact (or very similar) soundbite to get a crystal clear version. Specifically, I would like to get the "red alert" sound of the DS9 Defiant. There are numerous examples online, but always with background music or other noises. Example:


Looking at the waveform, I have no idea what is going on, no matter whether in the time or frequency domain. I could filter (low- and highpass from 1k to 2.5k) which makes the sound a bit better, but doesn't get rid of the background. I cannot identify the underlying waveforms and have trouble even distinguishing the specific frequency components.

How do people do this usually? Just by listening and experience? Or are there (preferrably free, open-source) tools available that make the job of analyzing and recreating the sound easier? Where do I even begin with this, or should I abandon it right away?

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