So there's a sound effect that I can't seem to identify. I thought i'd ask for help here.

Here it is.

That sound effect is also used throughout Rom di Prisco's Trition track from the NFS3:HS soundtrack, for musical reference.

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That's a metallic-striking sound, probably a pitch-lowered ride cymbal used in many a track for many a year to convey some level of tension. Usually as a single, unobstructed strike at the end of a chord pattern or drum sequence.

It also has a lot of large room reverb, which helps to define it as a large, tense, important sound.

Beautiful, robust sound and easily reproduced if you have the right type of ride cymbal sample to start.


Sounds like something from a doom game or a crashing tie fighter, so probably a mix of lion, hyena and f22 jet! :D Have you tried playing it at different speeds? would say faster and you might get the original sound.

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