I am starting direction and audio production. In my recordings, I often hear a blip and I wonder if it's due to the voice actors or to the recording equipment. I notice it often at the end of a sentence, and sometimes during silences. I may not notice it during text because it's covered by the much louder actor's voice. In the time domain with dB, it's this little peak at the right:


You can hear the blip here and another occurrence here. It's subtle and I think only a few people would hear it; still, it's bugging me and I'd rather avoid it during recordings.

The regularity at the end of sentences could point towards the actors. Yet, I suspect it's from the equipment because it happens with two voice actors on different days.

What is the blip, and does it come from the actor or the recording equipment?

Update: Compared to Why can I hear this beep at 6 kHz and others cannot? (which I asked, and suggested by @audionuma in the comments): that beep was definitely electronic, probably from the sleeping infrared receiver of the air conditioning unit in the room. This blip is different: shorter, louder, and with a regular occurrence at end of sentences. I'd like to know if it's from the equipment, and thus find another studio, or from the actor, and thus talk to the actor about how to avoid it.

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