I've recorded a live stream of a digital conference via the "record desktop" function of the "Windows 10 Game DVR" (Windows key + G).

Overall that worked well – however, while watching the recording, once in a while certain audio errors / distortions occoured. Unfortunately, later in the recording a whole section of roughly a quarter-hour turns out to be highly distorted to the point where you can no longer understand what's being said. The voices of the speakers just start to sound really robot-like.

I have uploaded the distorted excerpt for you to listen to here. The first 16 seconds still sound okay, after that it starts.

I don't know what happened there. More importantly, I don't know how to fix that passage so that I can follow the speakers' talk. I tried to solve the problem with audio software (Samplitude Pro X4 Suite), but typical restoration effects (DeNoiser) did not work – also because there is not just some noise interfering with the audio track that I could isolate, but because the entire audio track itself is defective.

Does someone have an idea how I could solve that problem given the resources mentioned above? Thanks in advance!

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