I'm supposed to do a presentation on solutions to fix audio feedback loop (microphone feedback, that issue when you hear the voice echoed multiple times) and I can't find any algorithms for software based solution and also can't find any hardware circuits.

I tried looking for books, whitepapers but can't find anything. Also tried looking on microsoft websites on the windows features but can't find anything technical.

All I need is just the name of the algoritms and of the circuits.

Thank you!

  • Sounds like you're looking for some kind of office/online conference solution, for which the fix is always 'wear a headset'. For live solutions, feedback suppressors abound - thomann.de/gb/sp_feedback_controllers.html – Tetsujin Aug 29 at 16:45
  • Hi, when I said that I will do an presentation I meant that I'm a student and this is the topic software algoritms and hardware chips to prevent the feedback loop. Thanks for the link I will try to find the spreadsheets of those products to see how they work. – Alex Aug 29 at 16:55
  • For algorithmic structures you may do better asking on Signal Processing – Tetsujin Aug 29 at 17:02
  • 1
    Thank you, great suggestion I will post there for the software side. – Alex Aug 29 at 17:11
  • Maybe what you're looking for is closer to echo cancellation than feedback loop ? – audionuma Sep 2 at 9:03

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