I have a Yamaha mg06 and I'm trying to monitor my mic audio and listen to my PC at the same time with my headset that's plugged into my mixer, without software like banana or a USB interface. when I increase the Lvl phones nob in the mixer it sounds really bad and low, and I cant hear the PC audio. I tried plugging 3.5mm to dual 1/4in cable into my PC from my mixer, xlr to 3.5mm cable to my PC, and even xlr to USB interface to PC(which worked), but I don't want to use another interface or software. so how can I monitor my mic and listen to my PC with the same headset without any other tool? if I need a different cable I will get it.

  • You will need to explain how you have them connected - what output from your PC are you using? Is your mic directly into the mixer or the PC? What output on the PC are you using? What configuration do you have setup on the mixer and the PC audio? If you can edit them into the question we can take it off hold. – Rory Alsop Aug 2 at 13:11