Software or automated way to detect & count the number of times a a Vocal Chanting loop is there in an audio file?

  • I have some chanting audio and we need to have a count on the number of times a certain looping phrase "segment" is there in it.

  • Can it be auto detected or can I give pointers to the loop as a sample and then it can count how many times the same is there / repeated in the audio file/?

  • If you have the multitrack in a DAW it would be faster to just count the blocks. If you only have the stereo, then get a human to count them; it will take the length of the track. For an AI, finding pattern A within general noise B is going to be some heavy lifting. – Tetsujin Jul 27 at 17:03
  • @Tetsujin - Manually count the blocks in DAW GUI? In 100s or 1000s? How do DAWs/ DJ Apps do BPM detection? Lets say I skip detection - but provide a "unit sample" section, can it count how many more or similar sections or Beats in a larger sample? – Alex S Jul 28 at 11:54
  • A DAW ought to be able to list how many times a file is used within it. Your parallel to a BPM finder is one of numbers. Millions of people want the facility to find BPM, I can't think of one single use-case for counting a random sample within another piece… therefore the chances of anyone having written what would be a far more complex AI problem are going to be commensurately lower. – Tetsujin Jul 28 at 14:59
  • 1
    Then you should have included that information in your question, it saves people wasting their time. So we're down to… it can't be done other than with pen, paper & an eager intern. Or ask whoever actually owns the multitrack. – Tetsujin Jul 31 at 14:02
  • 1
    This is a pro audio site, I honestly never considered you were working from someone else's finished master. You're looking at the kind of task, if it was needed for copyright reporting, should have been done much sooner in the process. What you are seeking is so niche & so hard to achieve by AI that I have never heard of anything like it in existence. Your 'drag & drop a picture' idea would be far more quickly realised by an intern with a paper & pencil. In the 5 days this has gone back & forth they could have done it by now. – Tetsujin Aug 1 at 15:41

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