So, I bought this used M-Audio ProKeys 88 from some guy for $50, and when I first got it it played just fine. Only one problem: one of the keys was dead, and not just any, one in the center. So yesterday I took it apart, cleaned the contacts, put it back together... aaaaaaand no sound. Interestingly, the demo still works, but nothing happens when I press the keys. While I was working on it a jumper(?) fell out the pcb where the i/o was, but I managed to figure out where it came from and soldered a piece of wire in its place. Still, no sound. Really stumped on this one. There are two interchangeable ribbon cables; I have tried switching them around, but to no avail. Unfortunately, M-Audio has removed ProKeys entirely from their website, so no tech support. Also nothing really online that helps.

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    I’m voting to close this question because it's related to solving an hardware issue in a musical instrument. – audionuma Jun 28 at 6:36
  • This can only be fixed in person and not over the internet. Bring it to a electronics repair shop, maybe they know something. And ask the seller why the key went dead. Also, any signs of corrosion? Did you follow ESD protection guidelines? If not, you may have killed transistors with static electricity. – Matt Jun 28 at 7:49

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