My question is very basic and simple - is the cable XlR-TRS on end able to connect my microphone to Avid Mbox? For now it’s not working, but I’m not sure if that’s my fault and I didn’t set up mbox control panel right or if it’s the cable. I was told in a store that since mbox uses combo inputs it should work, but now when I check Avid manual it says that only XLR cable works? Or am I misunderstanding something?

(Sorry for bad grammar, English is not my native language. Also - I know it’s probably very basic stuff, but I’m just beginning and not sure where to look for valuable info)

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Did you check the manual, see snippet below. A SM58 is a dynamic microphone and needs to be connected at microphone level. You will need a XLR-XLR cable.

Mic/Line Inputs Each analog source input channel provides combination XLR/TRS on the rear panel. These balanced/unbalanced analog audio inputs sup- port the following input levels: • Mic (microphone) for XLR inputs • Line (TRS) for line level signals on TRS or TS inputs

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