Our church is looking into providing live streams of our services. Until now we've only provided audio recordings, which we produced by recording the main outputs of the PA mixer 1:1. This doesn't sound great, so I want to provide a better mix for the live stream.

I can see 2 basic approaches:

  1. create a second mix on our mixing console (a Behringer X32). I can set up a pair of busses for the livestream, which allows me to use different fader settings for the livestream. This brings the volumes of speech and worship closer together. I can also add some reverb to get rid of the 'dry' sound of the PA mix, and mix in our audience mix to provide some ambience.

  2. I see some people running a DAW to provide the mix for the livestream. This would give more flexibility (unlike solution 1, I can create separate EQ, compression and effects for each channel in the livestream). But it'd require a second sound engineer to run this mix.

Is there something I'm overlooking, any tips?

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Definitely go with 1 if your mixing console has the functionality - option 2 adds unnecessary complication.

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