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I need help trying to hook up this setup for voice audio.

Mic - Shure SM7b (with a CloudLifter) Mixer - Behringer x1222 USB Audio Interface - Focusrite Scarlett Also - I have a dbx 286s and a dbx 266xs.

Question 1: Would the dbx 266xs add anything? I was originally using that for a compressor, but just picked up the 286.

Question 2: What would be the best way to hook this all up?

I was originally thinking to have the mic go to the cloudlifter, then to the mixer. Have the 286 used as an insert with a Y TS cable. Then have the mixer's mains go to the Scarlett. I have 2 computers that I would like to send the mic feed to so I have a Scarlett for each as the audio interface. I just don't know if the 266 is worth it or if the main outs should be sent to the 266 for more control.


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    Other than a signal splitter, what exactly are you trying to achieve? The less gear you run the mic through before it gets to the computer the better. Unless you have a particularly quiet signal or long, noisy cable run I don't even see the need for the CloudLifter, let alone the rest. – Tetsujin May 22 at 12:23

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