Hi all sound design wizards, hope you are keeping safe wherever you are!

I am music producer outside my other regular job, and I make instrumentals, record vocals mix and master in my living room. My living room has this irregular shape (images below) and has an extension kitchen and windows. I am looking into suggestions on how to do some minimal but decently effective acoustic treatment (not isolation),to improve my experience with the stuff I mention above. Importantly, I will be living here potentially for two more years only, so ideally I want a temporary solution that can be reused elsewhere whenever I move, and I also can't damage the current place in any way.

Here is what my room looks like: On the window side, where I currently have my gear: enter image description here

on the side that is next to the kitchen enter image description here

the roof is slightly tilted (Triangular shape) and has some spacings created with wood. enter image description here

and here is my very poor approximate schematic of how the room is overall enter image description here

My biggest difficulty from my research so far is how to deal with the window, I can't block it as it has to be able to open, but on the other side there is the kitchen, which I assume the lack of a contiguous wall on the kitchen side in one side would create unwanted noise

are acoustic foams, bass traps in specific places worth it?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated

  • Quick test before anything else. See how much mileage you can gain by simply taking your existing working position & drag the whole desk, speakers & all, into that corner at 45°, across where the mic & lamp are in the 1st pic. – Tetsujin May 21 at 18:41
  • thanks @Tetsujin, will try that – Helio Cuve May 21 at 19:20

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