Im currently trying to make an animal crossing cover with animalese singing. Because i dont have animal crossing, i cannot record any good game footage, so i need to resort to whatever resource i can have.

I have no trouble looking for male animalese synths since the kk slider vst exists, but i couldnt find the female version of animalese singing, im talking about these synths :


First, i tried pitching kk slider's vocals, then i tried pitching synthesized vocals using a singing vst. It ended up ruining the vocals and distorting the voices, plus it hurts the ears. I know female animalese is just high pitched singing, but i want to use that option as a last resort because i don't have proper recording apparatuses and looking for a singer online takes time.

So, the question is, are there any workarounds to recreate animalese singing that's shown in the given video with synthesized singing? Are there ways to pitch vocals without destroying the quality and clarity of the said vocals and to make it so it won't hurt ears?

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