I have an electronic drum kit (millenium mps-100) connected to my laptop via a midi (5-pin) to usb cable (just a cheap cable, there's no brand/model on it). I can't seem to get any signal from the drum kit to my laptop. I'm using midi-ox to check the raw input, and its only sending an 'active sensing' command. When i hit the snare hard enough it also sends a 'timing clock' command (see screenshot).

screenshot from midi-ox

This is the only signal I've gotten so far. I've tried another midi to usb cable (same type, but a second one), and nothing changed.

What am i doing wrong? Or is the midi output port of my drum kit just broken?

Thanks in advance for any answers

edit: There's are three leds on the converter: power, in and out. The power led is on, and the in led is flashing when an active sensing command is sent. When i hit any drum/cymbal, the led flashes an extra time. Maybe this info is useful

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