I would like to buy a wireless bluetooth headset (not earplug, but something light) like the walkman headsets were in the old times.

I am completely new in this topic. As I understand for the iPhone the headset will connect directly via iPhone's bluetooth, so nothing will be plugged into the iPhone's jack. However my TV set has only a jack output for the headphone, so I suppose something device must plugged into the TV's jack, and that will connect to the headset. (if such a gizmo exists at all, I am not sure)


  • Is there such a device? What is the correct term of this construction (TV -> bluetooth), so I can google for it
  • Do I have to "pair" the headset with the TV (device) and the iPhone repeatedly when I once want to listen the TV, then the iPhone, then the TV (I mean, do I have to pair every time, when I switch...)

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