I purchased some https://www.tbone-mics.com/en/product/information/details/lc97-tws/ from Thomman, but un-noticed by me, when I went to check out my saved cart a week later, the (cheap) tbone mini xlr to xlr adapters disappeared.

I emailed Thomann, and they recommended the https://www.thomann.de/intl/au/audix_aps_910.htm But at $50 aud each, it's more then I spent on the mics, and about double the original cost.

Research showed me that https://www.thomann.de/intl/au/superlux_ps_418_s.htm seemed similar, Are these equivalent? If not, will they work fine for connecting XLR 48v phantom power to the lc97-tws mics?

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