Is there a Vst Plugins setting file inside Cubase where you can change a Vst id?. It seems that Cubase 8.5 will scan and only load the higher version of the same id ignoring the other. Hex editing its a bit scary to me.Renaming dlls and folder isolation has not worked.Any other solutions?. Thanks for any help.

  • What platform? To what end? I've run several versions of things like Guitar Rig simultaneously. Usually the defining factor is 'will it run at all in this version?' Failing that, I've run 4 different plugins across 2 platforms & several Cubase versions to try get instrument saves over from ancient v2 up to current V5… with absolutely no joy whatsoever. Try telling us what you are actually trying to achieve, rather than what you already think you need to do to achieve it. See XY Problem – Tetsujin Apr 21 at 17:24

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