My Problem

I am using audacity to merge multiple short audio files to a log one, with some overlaps. The tracks disaply their waveform, which is not important to me, but without their name (that appears on the far left).

Audacity tracks view

I've seen audacity screenshots in which the track name appears instead of the waveform, which makes editing way easier for my use case.

What Have I Tried

I Googled "Compact view" and alike, and browsed the menus.

My Question

How can I view the tracks names without their waveform in Audacity, like this example ?


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Although I am not sure that it will solve your issue, the screen capture you are linking to :

Screen capture from Twitter user @ohcybermycyber

Screen capture from Twitter user @ohcybermycyber

actually shows a label track :

Screen from Audacity documentation

Screen from Audacity documentation

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