I have a Behringer UMC404HD Audio interface. It has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Through the inputs, I have mic, guitar, and keys. In order to put all of these through my loop pedal and effect pedal I have been putting this in the output chain. The signal chain looks something like this:

Guitar, Mic, Keys --INPUT--> [interface] --OUTPUT--> EffectsPedal --> LoopPedal --> Speakers

This is fun but I can't capture the sound after it gets outputted. I want to be able to record the final output from loop pedal.

I tried:

Guitar, Mic, Keys --INPUT--> [interface] --OUTPUT--> EffectsPedal --> LoopPedal --INPUT--> [interface] --OUTPUT--> speakers 

This doesn't work properly. Firstly, I'm getting hiss and feedback at times from sending the output back to input, and secondly, the audio output in the speakers/headphones is very low.

Anyone have any ideas? I Guess I could also do something like this, where I send the the three inputs through a processor or something. But I don't have the hardware to do it:

Guitar   -->| |
Mic      -->| |-->EffectsPedal --> LoopPedal --INPUT--> [interface] --OUTPUT--> speakers 
Keyboard -->| |

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