Asio4All works great on my low-end computer with low-end Realtek integrated audio, but I want to see if I can get FlexASIO working, mainly because it can optionally not take exclusive control of audio output hardware (report here of 20ms latency in shared mode). In exclusive mode, I get clean output with:

backend = "Windows WASAPI"
bufferSizeSamples = 128
device = ""
device = "[speaker output name here]"
suggestedLatencySeconds = 0.0
wasapiExclusiveMode = true  # change to false to have multiclient

Good start, but I want wasapiExclusiveMode = false for shared mode, and when I make that change, output becomes distorted beyond recognition. I've tried everything with changing values of buffer and SuggestedLatencySeconds, including removing those entries entirely from the settings file, but I keep getting the same result. Anyone have experience getting FlexASIO working well?

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