I have found a library called max4node, which connects nodejs code to Ableton Live via Max4Live. Fantastic... and it works somewhat on and off... while I am debugging that, I want to fix the Max device to not just control Ableton, but also allow audio fed into the device to be fed back to my speakers...

When I enabled max4node device on a track, I can control Ableton Live 10 (when it works) via these NodeJS calls.. BUT I cannot hear anything from that track... defeating the purpose of the device altogether

do I just leave a blank track off to the side to attach this device to? Or is there a way to add pluginOut~ so the audio can be propogated back into Live itself??

enter image description here

code for the plugin is found at : https://github.com/alpacaaa/max4node

Code I am triggering trying to get this to work :

var Max4Node = require('max4node');

var max = new Max4Node();

console.log("bind returned")

    path: 'live_set tracks 0 clip_slots 2 clip',
    method: 'fire'

console.log("fired a clip")

    path: 'live_set tracks 0',
    property: 'clip_slots'
}).once('value', function(count) {
    console.log(count + ' clips');


My output, failing to show the clip count.... and not firing either..

% node test_max_connect.js
bind returned
fired a clip

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after finding the debugger in Max.. I can see now the console reading that it cannot find the main.js which makes total sense as I had moved the device to an area I thought I would be able to find it easier later! So it's just a hard coded string I will fix

for others who find issues like this, here is the console that helped me

Step 1 : create a MIDI track and drag the device into the effects area like any Max device. Then click that yellow button on the right, to edit the device.

enter image description here

Next, you can open the Max Console .. it's the button on the right hand side with a hamburger menu looking icon

enter image description here

Here it is again, opened

enter image description here

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