I have an LG screen Signage 49VL5B-5, It does not have a built in sound on this screen and wish to apply a sound on it. I do find a 2 audio socket that says (L and R with red and white color) with 8 ohms symbol on it.

I want to use my PC speakers (Logitech) that has a 3.5 mm jack, like the one we usually put on PC audio sockets. and I want to use them on the TV I have.

I am wondering if do I need an amplifier and get a speaker suited for it or I could just get a 1 female 3.5mm to 2 rca jack males?

Thanks in advance

  • Thanks for the answer, i dont see anything that says its an output, only thing indicated is 8 ohms in symbol. manual does not say anything about it either, I will try to get some rca jack converters and see if it works, cuz I dont have any headphone jacks on the tv. thanks! – Wines Feb 26 at 7:32
  • apparently the rca jacks does not fit on the two sockets red and white. I dont have any idea on what kind of socket this is. although the PC speakers jacks fits into it. The issue is its getting a lot of feedback and the bass itself is not working, it just sounds grounded. help pls? – Wines Mar 7 at 6:44
  • If your monitor does not have speakers then you can not "apply sound on it". If you want to out put sound from content that is on the monitor then you need to tell us ( show us a photo ) what kind of audio out jacks are on the monitor. – Alaska Man Mar 23 at 18:34

You have to make sure that the two audio sockets says OUTPUT, most probably those are RCA type jacks. You don't need an amplifier for you to use those Logitechs as they are already powered speakers. If your TV has an headphone jack, just plug that male 3.5 mm and it should be fine.

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