I'm new here and I have a very basic question (hopefully I'm at the right place)

I have two KRK VXT6 studio monitors (https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/krk-systems-vxt6-studio-monitors-161598) and I want to connect them to my laptop via an audio interface, which I haven't bought yet. I found a cheap used Line 6 UX1 audio interface (https://line6.com/pod-studio/ux1/) that I believe will work fine. Can I use a dual minijack to jack headphone adapter to connect the two monitors (using a male XLR to jack cable) to the interface, since it only has one headphone socket? Will it work fine or is there a better set-up you would recommend to get the best sound out of the monitors? Should I look for other audio interfaces that have two outputs for the monitors?

I will be using the monitors mainly for listening to music and YouTube videos. Eventually I may also want to set up a hardware synth (later).

My research took me this far but now I can't seem to find the best solution.

Thank you for your help! Ana

  • The UX1 already has stereo ¼" jack outputs. line6.com/pod-studio/specs – Tetsujin Feb 12 at 16:36
  • 1
    Just like @Tetsujin suggests. Use “Analog outputs, 2*TRS” to connect your monitors. – user506602 Feb 14 at 6:46
  • Thank you both! I've tried that and it should work, however no sound comes out of the monitors. I've installed the UX1 drivers and selected the interface as the output device on my computer. All cables should be working fine and troubleshooting didn't solve the problem. What can I be missing or doing wrong? – anarsoliveira Feb 17 at 13:31