I am currently modding a space game to implement ingame chat. Everything works fine, but I want to improve it by adding the typical radio effect while the user is speaking. The effect should be worse the further away the communicators are. There shouldn’t be much delay. How do I add a distorted radio effect like you hear on the Apollo mission on the fly? What kind of waves or tricks do I have to use?


fortunately I wrote a tutorial on this very subject. The DAW technology is a little older, but the techniques still apply.


  • If I understand this right: The game has to load the Impulse response. When receiving a sound patch it has to apply the response to the sound patch using a convolution filter? – JaFu0815 Jan 29 '20 at 6:13
  • Yes, that would be correct, considering that the speech audio would be arriving in real-time. – Mark Jan 29 '20 at 8:57
  • and if you are worried about the speed of a convolution engine, check out this paper - W G Gardner worked out a way to do it using blocks much quicker than just raw convolution. cs.ust.hk/mjg_lib/bibs/DPSu/DPSu.Files/Ga95.PDF – Mark Jan 29 '20 at 12:44

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